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Helping you navigate through the property division process

In life, it is never easy giving up the things that you have or want. And much like some spouses do not like the idea of ending a marriage with divorce, spouses do not like the idea of leaving the marriage with only some of the items they were used to owning during their union. Property division is a phase in the divorce process that cannot be avoided. And because it is one of the most contentious divorce issues, it is important to progress through it with all the necessary information.

Whether it is an amicable parting or a heated dissolution, at Fischer & Fischer, PA, our experienced attorneys understand it is never easy to end a marriage. Even more so, our law firm realizes that many disputes can arise throughout the process, especially when it comes to categorizing property and splitting marital assets. Thus, we are dedicated to serving spouses in the Hollywood area navigate this troubling divorce issue.

What are alimony awards based on?

Finances are frequently a cause of marital discord for couples in Florida. While arguments about finances often occur prior to and during a marriage, these arguments are likely to carry over if the couple seeks a divorce. As a previous post noted, some divorcing couples with request spousal support as a means to ensure he or she is able to afford their post-divorce life. Whether it is because they were used to a certain standard of living or they seek to go back to school, alimony can make a huge difference for a spouse post-divorce.

What are alimony awards based on? An alimony award is based on more than the fact that a spouse requested it and has shown a need or want for it. The underlying point of spousal is to address any unfair financial disparities that might occur once the marriage has ended. Thus, an alimony award provides ongoing financial support to the spouse who earns less than his or her ex. One reason behind alimony has been to address situations in which one spouse chose to stay out of the workforce in order to take care of the household. Thus, this spouse requires time to develop job skills so she or he can now support him or herself.

Helping you sort through the property division process

Filing for divorce is a major decision. Even if it is for the best, it is not a process to go into lightly. While most couples in Florida have heard horror stories about the divorce process, it is a procedure that is designed to help spouses part their ways and resolve divorce issues. Even if it takes time, a divorcing couple is will be able to work through even the most contentious issues, such as who gets what.

The property division process during a divorce is often the time when spouses will fight. Even when it is clear what is considered separate property and what falls in the marital property category, spouses will dispute over who is entitled to what asset or property. At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our attorneys are well versed in the property division process, and we are dedicated to helping couples in the Hollywood area.

Ways to deal with a high-profile or high asset divorce

For wealthy and celebrity couples in Florida and other states, it can be difficult to live life with the news and tabloids following their moves. This is especially true when navigating the divorce process. For some high-profile couples, the general public's knowledge and input on their relationship can carry with it added emotions and issues. Thus, it is important that these couples understand ways they can better progress through a high asset divorce.

While you do not need to be an A-list celebrity to have your relationship problems plastered in the news and magazines, high-profile couples from all industries and areas of the nation are frequently under a microscope the very second they file for divorce. This can make a complex dissolution even more challenging. Thus, by taking pointers from past celebrity divorces, it is possible to get through the process unscathed by public opinion.

How can alimony legislation impact current alimony orders?

Divorce brings many issues to the table. Some spouses have many concerns regarding their post-divorce life. Finances are often a top concern, causing some spouses to seek alimony during dissolution. Spousal support can be a very beneficial and necessary order to obtain during divorce, thus, divorcing couples should understand how alimony could work into their divorce decree.

In Florida, several attempted changes to alimony regulations have been made. While past reforms and attempts to alter and changes the standards of alimony in the state have shown little to no success over the past several years, it is believed that these attempts will continue.

Helping you through a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage is usually an event that couples do not plan for. While some Florida couples might include a prenuptial agreement in their union, which means they took steps to protect their assets in case of a marriage, this does not mean they were expecting dissolution to occur. Divorce, not matter the length of the union or the cause of the split, is often a difficult process. It can get further complicated if the couple has a large amount of assets and property, leading to disputes surrounding a complex asset division.

Whether you are a wealthy or a high-profile couple, a high asset divorce can become very complicated. Even when a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is involved, this does not resolve all divorce issues. At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our experienced attorneys understand the ins and outs of high asset divorces; therefore, we are dedicated to helping residents in Broward County successfully navigate the process.

Factors for determining alimony awards

Going from a married life to a single life is a major transition for some couples in Florida. The post-divorce life can seem scary, and some spouses are unsure how they will manage their new single life without the support of another person in their life. If finances are a major concern, some spouses will request alimony in the divorce process. This monthly or lump sum payment can help meet the financial needs of that spouse, helping them make the transition to a self-supportive life.

Spousal support does not look the same for each spouse that requests it. In some cases, spouses are able to reach their own agreement. However, it is often the case that divorcing couples will need the assistance of the court to come up with a fair and workable alimony agreement.

Helping you navigate the property division process

The divorce process brings about many serious and crucial decisions to make. And while it might seem difficult to sort through all these emotional and life-altering choices, it is important to take this process step-by-step. Additionally, it is paramount to understand you rights as a spouse going through dissolution. This is especially true during property distribution and ensuring that you leave the marriage with what is rightfully yours.

The property division process is one of the most contentious parts of a divorce. Spouses find themselves stuck in this phase often due to their inability to reach an agreement. At Terzich & Ort, LLP, our experienced attorneys understand how stressful this process can be; therefore, we are dedicated to assisting residents in Broward County navigate this divorce issue.

Modifying alimony if the former spouse lives with another person

When there is an order of support for a former spouse in Florida, there are several reasons for which there might be a spousal support modification. One that arises relatively frequently is if the court finds that after the order of financial support was granted as part of the divorce, the receiving spouse -- otherwise known as the obligee -- has a supportive relationship with another person with whom he or she resides. If there is a belief that this is the case, the former spouse who is paying -- the obligor -- faces the burden of proof to show that the relationship exists and the support order should be modified.

The court must determine the nature of the relationship between the obligee and the person with whom he or she is residing with. They will consider several factors to decide on this matter. One issue is whether the obligee and the person are representing themselves as married by using the same last name, have the same mailing address, refer to one another as husband or wife, or conduct themselves in a way that is evidence of a permanent relationship.

Wealthy Floridians may benefit from mediation too

Many people in the Boward County area may have the impression that thing like mediation and collaborative law are only for people who have a family law issue but are in fact of limited means. However, savings in cost and time are not the only benefits to trying to resolve family law matters like child custody and child support outside of court.

For instance, at our law office, we are open to the possibility of resolving child custody issues through mediation, even when the dispute involves a high-profile couple who have plenty of income and wealth to fight in court. Many of our clients have discovered the benefits of working with the other side to come to a custody and parenting time plan that ensures the children have a relationship with both parents and that the family's particular scheduling and other needs get met.

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