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Guiding you through the high asset divorce process

A divorce is not an easy process to initiate or navigate through. Even if you and your spouse have taken various steps to ease the complexities of a divorce by drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, this does not always prevent the complexities involved with a high asset divorce. Thus, it is important to gain a full perspective of you situation and how best to reach an amicable and favorable divorce decree.

Whether there are children involved or not, a high asset divorce is filled with a multitude of decision-making. These decisions could greatly impact the future of each spouse, making it crucial that each spouse understand how their decisions could impact them post-divorce. At FIscher & Feldman, P.A., our experienced attorneys are focused on meeting the goals of our clients. We understand that divorce is unpleasant, but we work hard to help Florida residents in the Hollywood area navigate through the ups and downs of the process.

Types of alimony available in a Florida divorce

Filing for divorce can stir up many emotions. While it is a time of sadness, anger and relief, it is also a time of fear. There is the fear of the unknown, and for some Florida spouses, they fear that they will not be able to financially support him or herself post-divorce. In these cases, requesting for alimony is common. It is not only a way to address these fears but also ensue that a spouse is able to maintain the standard of living they experienced during the marriage.

Alimony awards are made on a case-by-case basis. Certain details and factors in a marriage determine whether a spouse is awarded spousal support, and if so, why type they are awarded. In Florida, the court may grant bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational or permanent alimony. Additionally, an award could be a combination of these types, lasting for the length of times necessary for the recipient spouse to become self-supportive.

Helping you request alimony during divorce

Divorce is not a positive life event; however, it can be an answer to a couple's problems. While no couple gets married with the idea that their union will end in divorce, it is a reality that nearly half of all married couples face. Thus, many couples seeking to get married think about the possibility of the marriage not working. While prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are not pleasant to draft or work through, they are useful and often very valuable documents to include in a marriage because they can address several potential divorce issues, such as alimony.

Finances are constantly thought about prior to, during and after marriage. Both spouses work hard to ensure they had enough money during a marriage; therefore, spouses will be concerned about their financial well being post-divorce. Thus, a spouse often requests spousal support or alimony during a Florida divorce.

Helping you secure alimony during dissolution

Filing for divorce causes spouses to consider all the ways this process could impact them in the future. While going from the married life to the single life is a huge emotional step, the financial future of a spouse tends to be in the forefront of some Florida couples ending their marriage. For those involved in a wealthy marriage, it can be difficult to imagine a life no longer surrounded by the same things. Because of this, some divorcing spouses request alimony as a way to secure a future that resembles his or her married life.

The spouse that was not the dominant wage earner in the marriage commonly requests alimony. It serves as a mechanism to ensure he or she can afford their post-divorce life and maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed during the marriage. At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our experienced attorneys understand that seeking spousal support during dissolution is not always easy and straightforward. Thus, we are dedicated to helping spouses in the Hollywood area navigate this divorce issue, helping them protect their rights.

Guiding you through a high-asset divorce

Going through a divorce is not an easy feat. However, with the right mindset, divorcing couples in Florida and elsewhere can work through the process, reaching a workable divorce decree. But, how does one get from point A to point B? And what about the added complexities of a high-asset divorce? Although there are auxiliary issues when wealthy couples end a marriage, this does not mean dissolution has to be more challenging, lengthy or costly. In fact, with the right approach, divorcing spouses could find their path to resolutions fairly quickly.

At our law firm, we understand that high-asset divorces come with many ups and downs, much like any divorce. However, because money tends to complicate matters, we are aware of the delicate situation this could present for some Broward County couples.

Helping you recover the alimony award you deserve

The decision to divorce is certainly not an easy one to make. However, deciding to file for divorce is just the first tough decision spouses are faced with in the process. Sorting through all the details of a marriage, whether it was short or long, can be challenging. Finances often stand out, leaving some spouses curious how they will be able to maintain their lifestyle post-divorce. For those facing such dilemmas, they often request spousal support during the divorce process.

Alimony can look very different from couple to couple, thus, it is important to understand what types you could qualify for and what best meets your needs and goals in your impending post-divorce life. At our law firm, we understand that requesting alimony can lead to disputes. We are dedicated to helping Florida residents successfully navigate this divorce issue.

Helping you navigate a contentious high asset divorce

It is never easy to ask for a divorce; however, when spouses in Florida and elsewhere seek to end a marriage, he or she will go through the steps necessary. Even when a spouse's mind and heart is in it, this does not make the process much easier. There are many ups and downs that come with dissolution, and for those going through a high asset divorce, divorce issues can extend the time it takes to get through the process.

The accumulation of assets, especially when a couple is wealthy, can complicate the property division process. It can also bring other divorce issues into light, such as seeking alimony payments. At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our experienced attorneys understand the difficulties a high asset divorce can bring. Thus, we are dedicated to helping spouses in Broward County sort through and navigate the issues a high asset divorce can bring.

Helping you navigate through the property division process

In life, it is never easy giving up the things that you have or want. And much like some spouses do not like the idea of ending a marriage with divorce, spouses do not like the idea of leaving the marriage with only some of the items they were used to owning during their union. Property division is a phase in the divorce process that cannot be avoided. And because it is one of the most contentious divorce issues, it is important to progress through it with all the necessary information.

Whether it is an amicable parting or a heated dissolution, at Fischer & Fischer, PA, our experienced attorneys understand it is never easy to end a marriage. Even more so, our law firm realizes that many disputes can arise throughout the process, especially when it comes to categorizing property and splitting marital assets. Thus, we are dedicated to serving spouses in the Hollywood area navigate this troubling divorce issue.

What are alimony awards based on?

Finances are frequently a cause of marital discord for couples in Florida. While arguments about finances often occur prior to and during a marriage, these arguments are likely to carry over if the couple seeks a divorce. As a previous post noted, some divorcing couples with request spousal support as a means to ensure he or she is able to afford their post-divorce life. Whether it is because they were used to a certain standard of living or they seek to go back to school, alimony can make a huge difference for a spouse post-divorce.

What are alimony awards based on? An alimony award is based on more than the fact that a spouse requested it and has shown a need or want for it. The underlying point of spousal is to address any unfair financial disparities that might occur once the marriage has ended. Thus, an alimony award provides ongoing financial support to the spouse who earns less than his or her ex. One reason behind alimony has been to address situations in which one spouse chose to stay out of the workforce in order to take care of the household. Thus, this spouse requires time to develop job skills so she or he can now support him or herself.

Helping you sort through the property division process

Filing for divorce is a major decision. Even if it is for the best, it is not a process to go into lightly. While most couples in Florida have heard horror stories about the divorce process, it is a procedure that is designed to help spouses part their ways and resolve divorce issues. Even if it takes time, a divorcing couple is will be able to work through even the most contentious issues, such as who gets what.

The property division process during a divorce is often the time when spouses will fight. Even when it is clear what is considered separate property and what falls in the marital property category, spouses will dispute over who is entitled to what asset or property. At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our attorneys are well versed in the property division process, and we are dedicated to helping couples in the Hollywood area.

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