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June 2015 Archives

Why taking a balanced approach to divorce works

It would be incorrect and perhaps even a bit disingenuous to say that the initial decision to end your marriage will be entirely stress free. Indeed, the reality is that while you will more than likely come to appreciate the opportunity to start anew once your divorce is finalized, the process of getting there can often prove to be nerve-wracking.

Why you don't have to fear divorce mediation -- II

Last time, our blog started discussing how many divorcing couples may find themselves sitting not across a courtroom aisle from one another, but rather across a table from one another thanks to court-ordered mediation.

Why you don't have to fear divorce mediation

It would be something of a misstatement to say that a divorce will proceed exactly how a person envisions or that it will somehow be entirely free of surprises. Indeed, while a spouse might enter divorce proceedings expecting a lengthy and bitter legal battle, they may actually find themselves sitting across a table from their soon-to-be ex thanks to court-ordered mediation.

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