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August 2015 Archives

What are the considerations for disabled children during divorce?

The divorce rate for parents of disabled children is higher than that of the rest of the country. Some researchers put the divorce rate of kids with autism as high as 85 percent. Most of these children have a more difficult time with divorce than children who are considered healthy.

Prenuptial agreements for second -- or more -- marriages

When many people think of a prenuptial agreement, they may think about celebrity couples who want to protect the millions in property and real estate that each has. This is often true when it comes to the wealthiest of couples, but for everyday people entering into their second marriage -- or even their third or fourth marriages -- prenuptial agreements are very important.

Doesn't it seem like there are more celebrities getting divorced?

When it comes to celebrity divorces, most of them are announced during times when the celebrities think (and hope) there are fewer people paying attention. At least that's what a former Hollywood publicist, tabloid editor and host of VH1's "Gossip Table" had to say. For example, the theory is that there won't be as many people paying attention to what is transpiring on Fridays as there are on Mondays.

What you can and can't include in a prenup

As we have discussed in the last few months, prenuptial agreements are very important to a couple's marriage and, yes, their divorce. These contracts have a lot going on in them, and though they do carry great importance, they also aren't for everyone. But what, specifically, are you allowed to include in the prenuptial agreement, and what are you forbidden from including?

Negotiate your way to an agreeable divorce in Florida

Getting a divorce can be contentious at the best of times, but serious conflicts need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid slowing the divorce process or ending up fighting in court, which can be costly. The way you work with your spouse can help you move through divorce faster, and good negotiating skills are helpful in getting what you want out of your marriage. From the start, every decision you make will influence you later, so it's important to have the right help to make those decisions with the information needed.

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