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October 2015 Archives

Why don't more people use divorce mediation?

In a lot of ways, divorce mediation can be great for the end of your relationship, helping you figure out what to do next, determine how to split up assets, decide how to take care of your children and more. Still, for all of the help it can be, a lot of people don't use it. Below are a handful of reasons why.

Be honest and realistic when signing a prenup

You may think that couples who sign a prenup are already being more realistic than couples that don't, admitting that many marriages end and that they want to have paperwork in place to protect themselves if that happens. This is true, but it's important to remember that even those who sign prenups can fall victim to unrealistic expectations that can cost them.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin returns to court

When a billionaire hedge fund manager and his wife end up in court again over their prenuptial agreement, it makes the news. Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin will return to court this week to try to settle their disagreements over their prenup.

Divorce mediation: Resolving disputes with open communication

In many divorces, the feelings of anger, betrayal and/or hurt are simply too much for divorce mediation. However, some courts will order mediation in the hope that differences in areas such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division can be resolved.

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