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November 2015 Archives

Florida alimony reform still causing acrimony

Earlier this spring in Florida, a proposal to overhaul alimony in the state didn't make it through the final days of the legislative session. Now, there are three rewrites of the state's alimony laws in the Legislature. Each would get rid of permanent alimony and use various formulas to determine the alimony amount.

Putting a prenuptial agreement together can be positive

Getting married is one of the highlights of your life. The man or woman you love has said yes and you are over the moon happy. One thing that may come up is what to do about a prenuptial agreement. In the past, only the rich and famous needed prenuptial agreements because their marriages were often seen as tenuous and they had a lot to protect. Now, lots of people who are in the middle class are getting "prenups" too because it helps them plan for the future.

Alimony and taxes

There are often several tax implications for ex-spouses after a divorce, whether it be from selling property, cashing in pension or stocks or even from paying or receiving alimony. That's right -- there are tax implications for both spouses when alimony payments are made.

Divorce with special needs planning is often complicated

Divorce can be complicated enough on its own, even if you and your spouse don't have any children. If you do, it grows even more complex, and this reaches a whole new level if you have a child with special needs. Below are a few things that you should know about this process in Florida.

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