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February 2017 Archives

Former NFL star jailed over unpaid alimony, child support

The failure of a Florida resident to make timely child support and alimony payments can result in the imposition of significant penalties. Those penalties can include, but are not limited to, fines, jail time and other legal consequences. Punishments for missing family law payments can affect all obligated individuals, from those of meager means up to those who have earned significant incomes during their lives.

Prenups can be challenged and invalidated

In our last post, we talked about prenuptial agreements and digital property. Prenups can play an integral role in a couple's marriage, especially if they have considerable assets at their disposal. But despite the reputation of prenuptial agreements as ironclad contracts (in a legal sense), there are legitimate reasons for someone to legally challenge a prenuptial agreement. And a court may uphold their argument, thus invalidating part or all of the prenuptial agreement.

Alimony obligations can vary based on each divorce

Not every Florida divorce will result in the payment of alimony, also known as spousal support, from one of the parties to the other. In fact, whether through prenuptial agreements or orders of the court, some couples may part ways with each party completely self-sufficient and without the need for the other's continued financial accommodation.

We can help address the many needs of a high asset divorce

Floridians who hold substantial assets, earn high incomes and possess extensive property interests may face the challenges of high asset divorces, if they choose to end their marriages. While the legal requirements of a high asset divorce may be quite similar to those of a divorce between people of less extensive financial means, the financial outcomes of such a divorce can have significantly more on the line.

Are you considering divorce in the New Year?

The New Year is right around the corner and some Broward County residents may be making resolutions to carry them into 2017. Though some people may focus on goals related to their physical health or individual careers, others may wish to make changes in their personal lives. One of the biggest changes that many individuals undertake during each January is divorce, and January is considered by some to be the start of the divorce season in the United States.

What financial challenges can follow property division?

Deciding to file for divorce can be one of the most straightforward decisions that a Florida couple has to make as the partners work toward separating their lives from each other. Other choices regarding how they will divide their property can be particularly challenging if they are not prepared to weigh the financial consequences of either selling off or acquiring the ownership of property they previously owned with their spouse.

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