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March 2017 Archives

Modifying alimony if the former spouse lives with another person

When there is an order of support for a former spouse in Florida, there are several reasons for which there might be a spousal support modification. One that arises relatively frequently is if the court finds that after the order of financial support was granted as part of the divorce, the receiving spouse -- otherwise known as the obligee -- has a supportive relationship with another person with whom he or she resides. If there is a belief that this is the case, the former spouse who is paying -- the obligor -- faces the burden of proof to show that the relationship exists and the support order should be modified.

Wealthy Floridians may benefit from mediation too

Many people in the Boward County area may have the impression that thing like mediation and collaborative law are only for people who have a family law issue but are in fact of limited means. However, savings in cost and time are not the only benefits to trying to resolve family law matters like child custody and child support outside of court.

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