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June 2017 Archives

What are alimony awards based on?

Finances are frequently a cause of marital discord for couples in Florida. While arguments about finances often occur prior to and during a marriage, these arguments are likely to carry over if the couple seeks a divorce. As a previous post noted, some divorcing couples with request spousal support as a means to ensure he or she is able to afford their post-divorce life. Whether it is because they were used to a certain standard of living or they seek to go back to school, alimony can make a huge difference for a spouse post-divorce.

Helping you sort through the property division process

Filing for divorce is a major decision. Even if it is for the best, it is not a process to go into lightly. While most couples in Florida have heard horror stories about the divorce process, it is a procedure that is designed to help spouses part their ways and resolve divorce issues. Even if it takes time, a divorcing couple is will be able to work through even the most contentious issues, such as who gets what.

Ways to deal with a high-profile or high asset divorce

For wealthy and celebrity couples in Florida and other states, it can be difficult to live life with the news and tabloids following their moves. This is especially true when navigating the divorce process. For some high-profile couples, the general public's knowledge and input on their relationship can carry with it added emotions and issues. Thus, it is important that these couples understand ways they can better progress through a high asset divorce.

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