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August 2017 Archives

Guiding you through a high-asset divorce

Going through a divorce is not an easy feat. However, with the right mindset, divorcing couples in Florida and elsewhere can work through the process, reaching a workable divorce decree. But, how does one get from point A to point B? And what about the added complexities of a high-asset divorce? Although there are auxiliary issues when wealthy couples end a marriage, this does not mean dissolution has to be more challenging, lengthy or costly. In fact, with the right approach, divorcing spouses could find their path to resolutions fairly quickly.

Helping you recover the alimony award you deserve

The decision to divorce is certainly not an easy one to make. However, deciding to file for divorce is just the first tough decision spouses are faced with in the process. Sorting through all the details of a marriage, whether it was short or long, can be challenging. Finances often stand out, leaving some spouses curious how they will be able to maintain their lifestyle post-divorce. For those facing such dilemmas, they often request spousal support during the divorce process.

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