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November 2017 Archives

Guiding wealthy spouses through the property division process

Disagreements are likely to occur in a marriage, however, during the divorcing process, this is a common event while couples attempt to sort through every divorce issue. One of the most contentious topics is property division. And during a high-asset divorce, the property distribution process can be long, taxing and filled with disagreements.

GOP's plan to eliminate tax breaks for alimony payers

While anyone can go through a complex divorce, many agree that nothing complicates the divorce process much like money does. Because of that, many couples in Florida going through a high asset divorce are faced with many difficult and overwhelming decisions when it comes to their finances during and after dissolution. For some spouses in a wealthy divorce, an award of alimony might be part of the divorce decree. While this is requested and rewarded because he or she needs financial support post-divorce, the payee spouse is at least able to enjoy tax breaks for these payments.

Seeking alimony in a Florida divorce

When wealthy couples in Florida divorce, many issues surrounding money and the couple's finances are likely to arise. In some cases, one spouse might be especially concerned about his or her financial well-being post-divorce. In these cases, alimony will likely be requested. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage, a spouse might be able to obtain and maintain spousal support for years following dissolution.

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