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What are alimony awards based on?

Finances are frequently a cause of marital discord for couples in Florida. While arguments about finances often occur prior to and during a marriage, these arguments are likely to carry over if the couple seeks a divorce. As a previous post noted, some divorcing couples with request spousal support as a means to ensure he or she is able to afford their post-divorce life. Whether it is because they were used to a certain standard of living or they seek to go back to school, alimony can make a huge difference for a spouse post-divorce.

How can alimony legislation impact current alimony orders?

Divorce brings many issues to the table. Some spouses have many concerns regarding their post-divorce life. Finances are often a top concern, causing some spouses to seek alimony during dissolution. Spousal support can be a very beneficial and necessary order to obtain during divorce, thus, divorcing couples should understand how alimony could work into their divorce decree.

Factors for determining alimony awards

Going from a married life to a single life is a major transition for some couples in Florida. The post-divorce life can seem scary, and some spouses are unsure how they will manage their new single life without the support of another person in their life. If finances are a major concern, some spouses will request alimony in the divorce process. This monthly or lump sum payment can help meet the financial needs of that spouse, helping them make the transition to a self-supportive life.

Modifying alimony if the former spouse lives with another person

When there is an order of support for a former spouse in Florida, there are several reasons for which there might be a spousal support modification. One that arises relatively frequently is if the court finds that after the order of financial support was granted as part of the divorce, the receiving spouse -- otherwise known as the obligee -- has a supportive relationship with another person with whom he or she resides. If there is a belief that this is the case, the former spouse who is paying -- the obligor -- faces the burden of proof to show that the relationship exists and the support order should be modified.

Former NFL star jailed over unpaid alimony, child support

The failure of a Florida resident to make timely child support and alimony payments can result in the imposition of significant penalties. Those penalties can include, but are not limited to, fines, jail time and other legal consequences. Punishments for missing family law payments can affect all obligated individuals, from those of meager means up to those who have earned significant incomes during their lives.

Alimony obligations can vary based on each divorce

Not every Florida divorce will result in the payment of alimony, also known as spousal support, from one of the parties to the other. In fact, whether through prenuptial agreements or orders of the court, some couples may part ways with each party completely self-sufficient and without the need for the other's continued financial accommodation.

Florida alimony reform still causing acrimony

Earlier this spring in Florida, a proposal to overhaul alimony in the state didn't make it through the final days of the legislative session. Now, there are three rewrites of the state's alimony laws in the Legislature. Each would get rid of permanent alimony and use various formulas to determine the alimony amount.

Alimony and taxes

There are often several tax implications for ex-spouses after a divorce, whether it be from selling property, cashing in pension or stocks or even from paying or receiving alimony. That's right -- there are tax implications for both spouses when alimony payments are made.

Is your soon-to-be ex-spouse hiding assets during the divorce?

It's not all that uncommon for a spouse to attempt to conceal assets from his or her soon-to-be ex-spouse. There are a number of reasons why a spouse would want to hide assets, but it usually boils down to not having to share any with his or her spouse.

Case demonstrates how age is just a number when it comes to alimony

While we tend to think of divorce as being the exclusive domain of younger people who may have decided to tie the knot too soon or middle age people who are no longer happy being married, this is perhaps too narrow of a view.

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