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Divorce Mediation Archives

What are some divorce mediation myths?

Are you considering divorce mediation but wonder if some of the myths you have heard about it are true? By learning more about mediation and why some myths aren't true, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to employ this type of divorce process.

Considerations for divorcing parents of special needs children

When parents divorce, the children are affected. For some, the divorce may mean there will be less arguing in the home. For others, it may be the most emotional, saddest event in their young lives. However, an estimated 1 million marriages with children end in divorce each year. Those parents who have a child with special needs will generally face a more complex divorce process.

Why don't more people use divorce mediation?

In a lot of ways, divorce mediation can be great for the end of your relationship, helping you figure out what to do next, determine how to split up assets, decide how to take care of your children and more. Still, for all of the help it can be, a lot of people don't use it. Below are a handful of reasons why.

Divorce mediation: Resolving disputes with open communication

In many divorces, the feelings of anger, betrayal and/or hurt are simply too much for divorce mediation. However, some courts will order mediation in the hope that differences in areas such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division can be resolved.

What are the considerations for disabled children during divorce?

The divorce rate for parents of disabled children is higher than that of the rest of the country. Some researchers put the divorce rate of kids with autism as high as 85 percent. Most of these children have a more difficult time with divorce than children who are considered healthy.

Why you don't have to fear divorce mediation -- II

Last time, our blog started discussing how many divorcing couples may find themselves sitting not across a courtroom aisle from one another, but rather across a table from one another thanks to court-ordered mediation.

Why you don't have to fear divorce mediation

It would be something of a misstatement to say that a divorce will proceed exactly how a person envisions or that it will somehow be entirely free of surprises. Indeed, while a spouse might enter divorce proceedings expecting a lengthy and bitter legal battle, they may actually find themselves sitting across a table from their soon-to-be ex thanks to court-ordered mediation.

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