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High Asset Divorce Archives

Ways to deal with a high-profile or high asset divorce

For wealthy and celebrity couples in Florida and other states, it can be difficult to live life with the news and tabloids following their moves. This is especially true when navigating the divorce process. For some high-profile couples, the general public's knowledge and input on their relationship can carry with it added emotions and issues. Thus, it is important that these couples understand ways they can better progress through a high asset divorce.

Helping you through a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage is usually an event that couples do not plan for. While some Florida couples might include a prenuptial agreement in their union, which means they took steps to protect their assets in case of a marriage, this does not mean they were expecting dissolution to occur. Divorce, not matter the length of the union or the cause of the split, is often a difficult process. It can get further complicated if the couple has a large amount of assets and property, leading to disputes surrounding a complex asset division.

Wealthy Floridians may benefit from mediation too

Many people in the Boward County area may have the impression that thing like mediation and collaborative law are only for people who have a family law issue but are in fact of limited means. However, savings in cost and time are not the only benefits to trying to resolve family law matters like child custody and child support outside of court.

Prenups can be challenged and invalidated

In our last post, we talked about prenuptial agreements and digital property. Prenups can play an integral role in a couple's marriage, especially if they have considerable assets at their disposal. But despite the reputation of prenuptial agreements as ironclad contracts (in a legal sense), there are legitimate reasons for someone to legally challenge a prenuptial agreement. And a court may uphold their argument, thus invalidating part or all of the prenuptial agreement.

We can help address the many needs of a high asset divorce

Floridians who hold substantial assets, earn high incomes and possess extensive property interests may face the challenges of high asset divorces, if they choose to end their marriages. While the legal requirements of a high asset divorce may be quite similar to those of a divorce between people of less extensive financial means, the financial outcomes of such a divorce can have significantly more on the line.

Are you considering divorce in the New Year?

The New Year is right around the corner and some Broward County residents may be making resolutions to carry them into 2017. Though some people may focus on goals related to their physical health or individual careers, others may wish to make changes in their personal lives. One of the biggest changes that many individuals undertake during each January is divorce, and January is considered by some to be the start of the divorce season in the United States.

Does a publilcity statement set celebrity divorces apart?

While it can be tempting to think that a celebrity's money is what sets his or her divorce apart from ours, the truth is that a publicity statement could be the most pronounced difference. This summer has seen multiple celebrity divorces, with the couples issuing statements about their splits. Those statements almost always contain a request for privacy, which is something the layperson usually like to have as well.

Doesn't it seem like there are more celebrities getting divorced?

When it comes to celebrity divorces, most of them are announced during times when the celebrities think (and hope) there are fewer people paying attention. At least that's what a former Hollywood publicist, tabloid editor and host of VH1's "Gossip Table" had to say. For example, the theory is that there won't be as many people paying attention to what is transpiring on Fridays as there are on Mondays.

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