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High Asset Divorce Archives

Getting help with your high asset divorce

No matter the topic, everyone seems to have his or her own opinion. This is especially true for those considering a divorce. While some may want you to stay for the kids and others might confess that they think you should have left years ago, the truth of the matter is that your friends are probably not well equipped to guide you through a high asset divorce. Thus, divorcing spouses in Florida need to understand who to seek help and guidance from during this trying time.

GOP's plan to eliminate tax breaks for alimony payers

While anyone can go through a complex divorce, many agree that nothing complicates the divorce process much like money does. Because of that, many couples in Florida going through a high asset divorce are faced with many difficult and overwhelming decisions when it comes to their finances during and after dissolution. For some spouses in a wealthy divorce, an award of alimony might be part of the divorce decree. While this is requested and rewarded because he or she needs financial support post-divorce, the payee spouse is at least able to enjoy tax breaks for these payments.

Guiding you through the high asset divorce process

A divorce is not an easy process to initiate or navigate through. Even if you and your spouse have taken various steps to ease the complexities of a divorce by drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, this does not always prevent the complexities involved with a high asset divorce. Thus, it is important to gain a full perspective of you situation and how best to reach an amicable and favorable divorce decree.

Guiding you through a high-asset divorce

Going through a divorce is not an easy feat. However, with the right mindset, divorcing couples in Florida and elsewhere can work through the process, reaching a workable divorce decree. But, how does one get from point A to point B? And what about the added complexities of a high-asset divorce? Although there are auxiliary issues when wealthy couples end a marriage, this does not mean dissolution has to be more challenging, lengthy or costly. In fact, with the right approach, divorcing spouses could find their path to resolutions fairly quickly.

Helping you navigate a contentious high asset divorce

It is never easy to ask for a divorce; however, when spouses in Florida and elsewhere seek to end a marriage, he or she will go through the steps necessary. Even when a spouse's mind and heart is in it, this does not make the process much easier. There are many ups and downs that come with dissolution, and for those going through a high asset divorce, divorce issues can extend the time it takes to get through the process.

Ways to deal with a high-profile or high asset divorce

For wealthy and celebrity couples in Florida and other states, it can be difficult to live life with the news and tabloids following their moves. This is especially true when navigating the divorce process. For some high-profile couples, the general public's knowledge and input on their relationship can carry with it added emotions and issues. Thus, it is important that these couples understand ways they can better progress through a high asset divorce.

Helping you through a high asset divorce

The end of a marriage is usually an event that couples do not plan for. While some Florida couples might include a prenuptial agreement in their union, which means they took steps to protect their assets in case of a marriage, this does not mean they were expecting dissolution to occur. Divorce, not matter the length of the union or the cause of the split, is often a difficult process. It can get further complicated if the couple has a large amount of assets and property, leading to disputes surrounding a complex asset division.

Wealthy Floridians may benefit from mediation too

Many people in the Boward County area may have the impression that thing like mediation and collaborative law are only for people who have a family law issue but are in fact of limited means. However, savings in cost and time are not the only benefits to trying to resolve family law matters like child custody and child support outside of court.

Prenups can be challenged and invalidated

In our last post, we talked about prenuptial agreements and digital property. Prenups can play an integral role in a couple's marriage, especially if they have considerable assets at their disposal. But despite the reputation of prenuptial agreements as ironclad contracts (in a legal sense), there are legitimate reasons for someone to legally challenge a prenuptial agreement. And a court may uphold their argument, thus invalidating part or all of the prenuptial agreement.

We can help address the many needs of a high asset divorce

Floridians who hold substantial assets, earn high incomes and possess extensive property interests may face the challenges of high asset divorces, if they choose to end their marriages. While the legal requirements of a high asset divorce may be quite similar to those of a divorce between people of less extensive financial means, the financial outcomes of such a divorce can have significantly more on the line.

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