Contract Disputes

To a great extent, business contracts of all types are intended to clarify obligations and establish reasonable expectations. In actual practice, there is plenty of room for disputes over what contracts cover and what they do not and what remedies are appropriate in any given case when a violation justifies a breach of contract lawsuit.

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Is your business partnership breaking down due to disagreements about operations, financial management or effort delivered by a partner? Perhaps your looming concerns involve a commercial leasing dispute or alleged violation of a real estate or construction contract. In all such situations, attorney Martin E. Feldman can offer perspective informed by extensive experience in the courts, mediation and arbitration.

Stakeholder And Partnership Conflicts · Disputes Involving Real Estate, Construction, Employment And Competition

At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., in Hollywood, Florida, you can sit down with a personable, business-savvy lawyer who has helped many clients assess and deal with complex contract disputes over the past 15-plus years. We deal frequently and effectively with business litigation matters such as:

  • Partnership and shareholder disputes within closely held companies
  • High-value commercial collections and other actions in response to defaults on loans and other financial contracts
  • Commercial leasing and other real estate disputes
  • Construction contract, performance and payment disputes
  • Disputes over alleged violations of noncompete agreements and other employment contracts

Mr. Feldman will recognize all that you have on the line and strive to provide the utmost in results-driven, cost-effective representation. In many cases, clients find that our firm is the optimal resource for legal counsel on personal as well as business concerns. For prompt attention to your needs involving a contract dispute or other legal matter, call 954-927-4097 or inquire online now.