Can Our Custody Orders Be Changed?

When a court issued your child custody orders, those orders reflected your situation at a certain point in time. Since your circumstances may have changed, it may be possible to change your custody arrangements if your situation meets certain legal criteria.

Relocation is a common reason for petitioning a court for modification, but it is difficult to persuade a judge to allow one parent to move away with a child. In most Florida cases, courts presume a 50/50 timeshare arrangement, and one side must prove that it is in the child’s best interests for one or the other parent to have significantly more time. Relocation may significantly change the manner in which timeshare is determined.

The Most Common Motivations For Relocation

The most common reasons for parental relocation include:

  • A new job, promotion or career change
  • A better housing or living situation for a child
  • The changing academic and social needs of kids as they get older
  • A new relationship or remarriage
  • The opportunity to be near grandparents or extended family members
  • A parent who is incarcerated or who has broken contact with his or her child or children

The family law attorneys at Fischer & Feldman, P.A., can help you understand your custody and visitation rights as they relate to one party’s desire for relocation. If it is possible to modify your custody order, we can help you toward that goal. If you need to go to court to fight a proposed modification, we can help with that, too.

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