Guidance Regarding Your Divorce

Marriages break down for a wide variety of deeply personal reasons, and no two family law cases are exactly alike. Parents sometimes have dramatically different views of what arrangements will be best for their children. Dividing assets and liabilities can be contentious and complicated. Resolving child support and alimony fairly may be pivotal with regard to your future security and well-being.

For these and countless other reasons, it is essential to have strong legal advice and personalized representation that works for you. There is no universally applicable approach to divorce or any other family law dispute — because every case is different.

Your Situation Is Unique | Our Firm Is Flexible

Fischer & Feldman attorneys adapt their representation to your circumstances and your goals. We are flexible and adaptive. Our firm will assist you with:

  • Carefully planning your divorce
  • Asset division and key financial elements of your case
  • All aspects of child custody and parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony) matters
  • Strategies for getting through a high-conflict family law matter
  • Understanding the advantages of private, low-conflict collaborative divorce and mediation
  • Issues that can emerge after divorce, such as modification of custody orders and changes in income
  • Marital settlement agreements

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When important legal issues are involved, it is critical to consult an experienced lawyer rather than simply discussing problems with well-meaning family members and friends.