Proven, Balanced Attorneys For High-Conflict Divorce

Although serious conflict may arise at any point in your Florida divorce, it is essential to gauge your current ability to work and negotiate with your spouse as early in the process as possible. Every decision you make matters, beginning with your choice of legal counsel.

Do you disagree on what custody and timesharing arrangements are best for your children? Do you have complex, high-value financial assets or significant liabilities to divide? Will your future lifestyle be impacted by whether you pay or receive alimony? These and all other sources of conflict are familiar ground for our accomplished team of lawyers at Fischer & Feldman, P.A.

Focused On Amicable Dispute Resolution, But Also Formidable In Litigation

Our firm is known in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Miami area legal circles for abilities spanning all paths to resolution of divorce and other family law matters. These include direct negotiations, mediation, a collaborative law approach and litigation in the courtroom. If you would describe your case as a high-conflict divorce, a high-asset divorce or both, please consider that:

  • If your rights and important priorities are on the line and litigation is necessary, we will build and present the strongest and best-prepared case possible for you.
  • Even complex issues involving children and finances can often be resolved through mediation or collaborative divorce. Our decades of perspective and knowledge of these processes will be invaluable in identifying real opportunities to avoid costly, stressful litigation.
  • If you have business interests, other substantial investments, multiple homes or other high-value assets to divide or significant liabilities about which you are concerned, our lawyers offer extensive knowledge of contracts and transactions and financial analysis. We can also assist you with establishing or revisiting your estate plan to reflect the major changes in your life.

Put Excellent Credentials And Decades Of Experience To Work For You

Our attorneys include a certified mediator and collaborative family law lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, as well as a seasoned litigator. We are here to provide honest, clear legal guidance when you need it most. You can count on us to get to know you, care about your children and protect your financial future so you can get your life back under control.

To discuss your important needs and concerns directly with an attorney at a time that works for you, call 954-927-4097 or send us an email inquiry anytime.