Divorce mediation: Resolving disputes with open communication

On behalf of Rebecca H. Fischer of Fischer & Feldman, P.A. posted in Divorce Mediation on Friday, October 2, 2015.

In many divorces, the feelings of anger, betrayal and/or hurt are simply too much for divorce mediation. However, some courts will order mediation in the hope that differences in areas such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division can be resolved.

In Florida, a mediator is certified by the Florida supreme court. Mediators are not allowed to be biased toward one party. They cannot force an agreement between parties. Most importantly, they will work for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Divorce mediation is used to facilitate open communication and allow for the exploration of settlement options. Confidentiality is an important part of mediation, with what is said during a session only being shared with the other person and his or her attorney.

Mediation helps people have more control over what happens with their case and can reduce the expense of litigating a divorce case.

At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., we understand how difficult divorce can be. We help people by providing a way for their concerns to be aired outside of court. Mediation and collaborative law allow amicable dispute resolution. Sometimes, not all areas of a divorce can be settled; those unsettled areas will go before a judge. However, with each area that is agreed upon, there is less time and money spent.

Our firm understands how important it is for you to make informed choices in your divorce. When a decision is made in anger or in haste, the entire direction of the divorce may be altered.

If you are ready to learn more about mediation and collaborative law, please take a few minutes to review our webpages on the topic.

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