Experienced Guardianship Attorneys

Parents of children with special needs often face challenging decisions and legal concerns when their children approach age 18. It may be essential for you to keep access to medical and financial information and retain authority to make certain decisions on your child’s behalf. The need to establish a legal guardianship arises under a range of other circumstances as well, when a parent or other family member suffers an illness leading to diminished mental capacity.

Sit Down With An Attorney Who Will Genuinely Empathize With Your Concerns

At the Hollywood-based law firm of Fischer & Feldman, P.A., you will meet and work closely with a lawyer you can count on for sensitivity to your family dynamics. We have broad, current knowledge of the types of guardianships appropriate for differing situations and of necessary proceedings in probate courts throughout Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Real Solutions For South Florida Families · Guardianship Petitions And Advance Planning

Our services in this area are flexible, but our goals are constant: providing clear guidance, explaining options and taking efficient action aligned with each client’s objectives. We have genuine empathy for families facing all types of complex transitions and we offer solutions across the spectrum of:

  • Obtaining guardianships appropriate to the needs of minor children in the care of nonparent relatives, adults with special needs and elderly family members who now need assistance and oversight
  • Comprehensive estate and disability planning, including provisions to avoid the need for a guardianship and the drafting of special-needs trusts

In all aspects of our Hollywood, Florida-based law practice, our attorneys emphasize individual attention, impeccable preparation and responsiveness. To discuss guardianship or alternatives for obtaining the legal authority you need to care for a loved one, call 954-927-4097 or contact us by email now.