Wills And Trusts

Ever-increasing financial complexity, rising health care costs and the many other demands of modern life have made thoughtful, comprehensive estate planning more important than ever. However, many people put off planning for death, disability and business succession. Others develop basic wills at some point, but do not maintain and revise their plans to reflect important changes in family and priorities.

Count On Thorough Analysis And Practical Counsel Aligned With Your Goals

At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our Hollywood-based law firm provides balanced, highly ethical services across the spectrum of estate planning. Our clients do not have to worry about being pushed toward costly, complex services that go beyond their needs. We are adept at addressing the most complex personal tax planning, business planning and disability planning concerns and are prepared to assist you whether you have millions to protect or more modest assets.

Wills Are Important, But Trusts Offer Greater Protection And Control For Many Clients

Every responsible adult in Florida should have a basic will in place along with a current medical directive and a few other documents. Those who own real property or have retirement accounts and business interests or other high-value assets can often gain substantial tax benefits and exert much more control through the strategic formation of trusts. We will thoroughly assess your unique goals, special family considerations and other factors to present options you understand and recommendations you can rely upon.

Our estate planning attorney, Rebecca H. Fischer, has decades of wide-ranging experience helping clients leave the legacies they envision. Our work is informed by deep business and financial knowledge, along with invaluable perspective gained in Florida probate proceedings and estate litigation.

Are you ready to take inventory of your estate planning priorities and make sure you have the best possible plans in place? Perhaps major changes in your life — children, divorce, a major transaction or preparation to retire — call for careful evaluation of your existing documents. To speak with a focused, knowledgeable lawyer about wills, trusts and other estate planning concerns, please call or email our firm in Hollywood.