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On behalf of Martin Feldman of Fischer & Feldman, P.A. posted in property division on Friday, April 7, 2017.

The divorce process brings about many serious and crucial decisions to make. And while it might seem difficult to sort through all these emotional and life-altering choices, it is important to take this process step-by-step. Additionally, it is paramount to understand you rights as a spouse going through dissolution. This is especially true during property distribution and ensuring that you leave the marriage with what is rightfully yours.

The property division process is one of the most contentious parts of a divorce. Spouses find themselves stuck in this phase often due to their inability to reach an agreement. At Terzich & Ort, LLP, our experienced attorneys understand how stressful this process can be; therefore, we are dedicated to assisting residents in Broward County navigate this divorce issue.

Spouses often have many questions regarding their assets and property during dissolution. Whether it is a high asset divorce or not, our legal team has helped past clients successfully sort through a wide variety of assets and properties. We take the time to understand your goals, and if that is to keep the family home, personal property, retirement assets, real estate and business assets, we will provide you with detailed information specific to your matter.

Whether you are able to leave a marriage with all your property and half of the marital property or end in a more complex divorce decree, our skilled attorneys have the resources and knowledge to ensure your rights are protected in the process. It is our goal for you to reach an amicable agreement and receive a fair settlement.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s property division website. Because filing for divorce is often an emotional and stressful time, it is often imperative that spouses seek the guidance from professionals to uncover all assets, determine the value of their assets and protect the rights of those involved.

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