Negotiate your way to an agreeable divorce in Florida

On behalf of Martin Feldman of Fischer & Feldman, P.A. posted in High Asset Divorce on Thursday, August 6, 2015.

Getting a divorce can be contentious at the best of times, but serious conflicts need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid slowing the divorce process or ending up fighting in court, which can be costly. The way you work with your spouse can help you move through divorce faster, and good negotiating skills are helpful in getting what you want out of your marriage. From the start, every decision you make will influence you later, so it’s important to have the right help to make those decisions with the information needed.

Even if you feel you should have an equitable divorce and want to be fair to your spouse, it’s important to think about what you want out of your marriage. What are your priorities? Your case needs to be built to reflect anything you want out of the marriage along with explanations of why you deserve what you’re asking for.

With complex issues like child custody or visitation, mediation could be used to help you work out a schedule or parenting plan with your spouse. By working through meditation, you can avoid expensive litigation that could cost a small fortune and result in a slower divorce.

Our website has information on other factors of your marriage that can make it wise to seek council. For instance, if you have a shared business, deciding how to sell off assets or split debts can be an important matter. You’ll need the knowledge of how to divide your contracts, value your business and transactions, and determine what will happen next with your business.

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