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On behalf of Martin Feldman of Fischer & Feldman, P.A. posted in High Asset Divorce on Friday, February 17, 2017.

Floridians who hold substantial assets, earn high incomes and possess extensive property interests may face the challenges of high asset divorces, if they choose to end their marriages. While the legal requirements of a high asset divorce may be quite similar to those of a divorce between people of less extensive financial means, the financial outcomes of such a divorce can have significantly more on the line.

For Broward County residents who plan to end their marriages in 2017, it is important that they properly research the practice areas of the family law attorneys, they plan to engage to help them through their divorces. Many attorneys provide general divorce services, which can include, but are not limited to, custody and support services, property division negotiations, alimony requests and others.

But, not all provide support for individuals facing high asset divorces. The law firm of Fischer & Feldman, in addition to providing client-specific guidance in all of these important divorce-related topics, also provides legal assistance for those who will be engaged in high asset divorces.

A high asset divorce can include an asset division process that involves business assets, extensive real estate and investment holdings, artwork, retirement accounts, trusts, savings devices and others. Holding many diverse and expensive assets can make for a complex divorce and not every Florida attorney may be prepared to handle the challenges that come with representing clients of extensive wealth.

The attorneys of Fischer & Feldman are prepared to work with new clients who wish to end their marriages through divorce. They invite their readers to learn more about their high asset divorce practice through their web page on the subject and welcome requests for information about their practice from interested parties.

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